What Our Clients Say

“The building process of a custom home is not always easy. In the beginning, it was very stressful and not a good experience. It became a full-time job!

Then over halfway through, Jason was put in charge of our home construction. After he arrived, it was totally different. He was there all the time, making sure things were getting done which made it easier and less stressful for us. I am picky and want things done the right way. After working with Jason a few months, we knew we didn't have to worry about overseeing every step of our home building process. Jason helped build our home like it were his own. He is the most dedicated, hardworking, and honest person that you will ever meet. Over the years, we have continued to look to Jason when it comes to our house projects. And if we ever build another home, Jason Schamberger would be the builder for us.”

Angela and Gardner B.

“Jason was in charge of the construction of our custom home and proved to be of the highest integrity. He ensured that we received a home of premium quality with his outstanding attention to detail. Always listening to our concerns and ideas, Jason was pleasant to work with as we realized our dream. He is extremely organized and hardworking, making it easy for us to recommend him to any prospective client.”

Lori and Brian A.

“We have had the great pleasure of working with Jason Schamberger on the construction of our new custom Creighton Farms home in Leesburg, Virginia. Jason was wonderful to work with on a daily and weekly basis. We found him to always be very courteous, professional, and responsible.

Jason takes the time to communicate effectively, explain important steps along the way, and walk you through everything you need to know, as it relates to the various phases of your home construction. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and conscientious. Jason works tirelessly, follows through, and is hands-on continuously throughout the project. Since I could normally only go to the construction site once a week, I felt comfortable that Jason was always looking out for my family's best interests.

I have built four residential homes (I certainly wish we had Jason to build our three previous homes!) and have been involved in the construction of hundreds of restaurants all throughout North America in my business. It is rare to come across someone as thorough, result-oriented, and committed as Jason in the building trade. He retains a great working relationship with all his subcontractors, as they truly like and respect him. Jason is proactive, concise, and focused when it comes to every detail that goes into each phase of the construction process. Jason treats the building of your home as if it were his own!

Jason is the quintessential professional custom homebuilder, and I would not hesitate for a moment to hire him to build our next custom home!”

Jeff Y.

“Thank you Jason!

Thank you for building such a beautiful home that we can now call our forever home! We are thrilled and very excited to say that we bought our dream home! We have had family come by to see the house, and they all loved it! They call it heaven on earth 🙂 We can’t wait to be all moved and settled in. 

Also, thank you for making the home buying process seem so effortless! You have been wonderful all the way and we couldn’t be happier with how everything went. You are undoubtedly the best in the business! Thank you again! We will share more photos, hopefully with the kids next time!”

Parul and Paul